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Spring Pre-buy Season is Upon Us! 

NOW is the time to reach out to your local pellet retailer and get your orders in for the next heating season.

If you lived in the Northeastern United States last Winter you were definitely battling the cold! Now is the time to prepare for next year.

If the fuel you bought last year ran out before the end of heating season, buy an extra ton now. It will save you money and also make sure you have fuel when you need it.


Spring is also the time of year to have a hearth professional come to your house to clean and service your stove. 

Some helpful Spring Cleaning tips:

  • Schedule a cleaning for early Spring because many hearth shops offer special Spring pricing for service during this time, and also many shops are not as busy with new installs at this time as they are in the Summer and Fall, ensuring your stove will be cleaned in a timely manner.
  • Having your stove cleaned early is better for the stove and venting because ash could sit in your stove and collect moisture, causing corrosion within the stove and venting. Also, this ash could become sticky and harder to clean, leading to a longer on-site cleaning by your hearth specialist.
  • Have your venting professionally cleaned during the Spring. Clean venting improves efficiency of the stove and allows for better airflow which helps to give you a better flame.
  • Keep the work area clear so the hearth professional has clear access to the stove. This will make their job easier and save onsite time for the tech.
  • Unplug your stove while not in use during the warmer months. This will help protect from any possible power surges during the storm prone months.
  • Also raise any issue you may have had during the past heating season with your hearth professional now as this will help to resolve the problem prior to heading into the next season.