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Tired of lugging bags? Getting older, and the bags have become too heavy? Having a hard time getting rid of your left over bags?


Energex offers a number of bulk solutions from residential delivery to large scale commercial bulk delivery to silos and other bulk storage containers.


The PELLETS EXPRESS™ is your answer to the nagging problem of the handling and discarding of 40lb bags. PELLETS EXPRESS™ is loaded at our PA plant and delivered right into a bulk storage container in your home.

PELLETS EXPRESS offers ease of use, less pellet handling which makes your pellet burning experience not only less of a physical burden, but also adds to less fines, and better pellet durability.

Pellet storage is also an option as PELLETS EXPRESS™ also has several different storage options for your home, making the transition to bulk both easy and affordable.

Please watch the PELLETS EXPRESS™ video below to see a full start-to-finish home delivery of bulk pellet fuel.



With the cost of doing business on the rise and the price of fossil fuels continuing to be unstable, NOW is the time to make the switch to clean burning, renewable biomass. Wood pellet fuel is not the fuel of the future; It is the mainstream fuel of TODAY!

Strip malls, apartment buildings, chicken plant incubators, and greenhouses are ALL kept warm with pellets right now! If you are currently using gasoline or propane as a heat source pellets will save you nearly 60% off of your current energy costs.

Ask our commercial bulk specialist about changing out your existing heating system for a pellet fired central boiler unit. Centralized, large boiler heating options are becoming more well-known, more sophisticated, and easier to acquire than ever before. This is cost-effective way to heat your small, medium, or large commercial facility.

For more information on commercial bulk conversion, please contact your local hearth retailer, or contact Energex and we will help you find your nearest bulk wood pellet supplier.